WordPress Cheat Sheets collection

Working on WordPress? And you want a quick way for reference, then choose one of the following cheatsheets, they are great & helpful.

1. WordPress Cheat Sheet by Andy Wibbels

Download: http://andywibbels.com/files/WordPress_Cheatsheet_v1.pdf

2. WordPress Help Sheet by WPcandy.com

Download: http://wpcandy.com/wp-content/uploads/WordPress-Help-Sheet.pdf

3. WordPress Ultimate Cheat Sheet by Andy Crofford

Very beautiful with great infographic

Download: http://www.testking.com/techking/infographics/the-ultimate-wordpress-cheatsheet-infographic/

4. WordPress Cheat Sheet by Ekin Ertac

Download: http://ekinertac.com/?p=259

5. WordPress Cheat Sheet for Template Tags in German of Frank Bültge

Download: http://bueltge.de/wp-content/download/wp/WP_Theme_Tags.pdf

6. WordPress Cheat Sheet for SEO by tekka.de

Download: http://www.tekka.de/seo-for-wordpress/cheat-sheet-seo-for-wordpress.pdf

7. WordPress Visual Cheat Sheet by Antonio Lupetti

Download: http://woorkup.com/2009/11/01/wordpress-visual-cheat-sheet/

8. WordPress Loop Cheat Sheet

Download: http://bueltge.de/wp-content/download/wp/WP_loop.pdf

9. WordPress API Plugin Cheat Sheet

Download: http://bueltge.de/wp-content/download/wp/WP_Plugin_API.pdf

10. WordPress 3 Cheat Sheet

Download: http://outsourceage.com/wordpress3CheetSheet.html

11. WordPress 3 Cheat Sheet

Download: http://www.hpvorlagen24.de/2010/06/25/freebie-hpv24-wordpress-30-cheat-sheet-–-teil-1-templates-tags/

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