Can Tech Improve Productivity?

What is the best way to improve productivity? That’s a question that many companies ask themselves and some research has revealed that productivity improvement through technology is actually one of the most effective ways of improving employee satisfaction and overall worker productivity. This article provides some of the key points regarding the importance of improving

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social media

Social Media Disadvantages

We all know that social media is an incredible tool for connecting with people, for networking opportunities and for keeping up to date with news and current affairs. But recently there have been calls that the platform is actually having a negative impact on a lot of areas within our lives. These problems appear to

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Electric Scooters

The subject of today’s post is something that we have had our eyes on for some time, and we have been itching to try one of these bad boys out. Electric scooters have slowly crept onto the scene, being rolled out in several countries with great success, such as the USA, Australia and New Zealand.

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