How to Sell A House Fast Online

The internet has given rise to so many online services that were traditionally only conducted face to face. Take travel agents for example. Before the arrival of the internet, you would have to go along to a physical travel agent to arrange and price up your holiday, and the same was true for flights, hotels and all other forms of travelling abroad. Another good example would be banking, which was traditionally done only in the branch, and you would have to go along to the bank to deposit money and withdraw funds. Now we have banks that don’t even have physical branches, like Monzo and Revolut, that are seeing huge uptake from customers that are tired of the service that they are getting from the big banks. You can even buy and sell a house fast online, with the need for going through an estate agent, and this is what this article is all about.

sell a house fast online

Sell A House Fast Online

If you have never been through the process o selling a home, you may not realise that the entire procedure is usually a long and drawn-out process. First of all you have to get in touch with an estate agents, and they will usually come round an value your home initially. Then they will list your home on the market, usually aiming for a high initial price that hey will drop if the property gets no interest. There will be viewings from potential buyers, inspections from safety officers, and all this to get your house sold. In addition to all this, estate agents will take a fee for their service, and so will the solicitors acting on their behalf. All of this length time-wasting process can be avoided if you choose an online buying service to sell a house fast with minimal costs.

sell a house fast

The Difference

The internet is an incredible portal for streamlining our lives and making things easier, and this is exactly what an online property buyer gives homeowners. Instead of waiting around for months to get a sale, you can sell your house in a very short time frame, sometimes in as little as one week. There is also the huge advantage of paying no fees to the estate agents and the lawyer’s fees, as most online property buyers include these fees in the price when they make their final offer. There are also no viewings, no lengthy meetings and no waiting around for the bank’s approval.


The Process

What does the process of selling with an online buyer generally look like? Well, first of all you get in touch with them online and provide them with details of your home. They then give you an initial offer, and if you like this offer they will move to the next stage of properly valuing your house, either with an independent surveyor or with their own. This then gives them their final valuation, and they will make an offer to you. Their final offer is generally around 80% of the market value of your home, but since thy buy quickly, many people see this as the cost of a fast sale.