Social Media Disadvantages

social media

We all know that social media is an incredible tool for connecting with people, for networking opportunities and for keeping up to date with news and current affairs.

But recently there have been calls that the platform is actually having a negative impact on a lot of areas within our lives.

These problems appear to be more emphasised in children and young people, who are abusing these platforms.

But what are the real disadvantages of social networking on these social media platforms?

Lets have a look at some of the big ones:

1. Lack Of Emotion

This is big thing for social media, although the developers of these platforms are trying their best to find new ways to work emotion into the narrative. But social media platforms are inherently lacking in the emotional connection that a face to face conversation has.

2. Lets People Say Things Without Consequence

One of the worst things that social media enables is the ability to say things to others without direct consequence or anyone standing up to them. There is a definite disconnect between people when they are sitting behind a screen, and they tend to forget that there are real people with feelings that are on the other side.

3. Lack Of Authenticity

Social media encourages people to show the rest of the world only the best parts of their lives, and they leave out all the little details that make up their life. This lack of authenticity leads to people feeling inadequate when they see other people’s lives through a keyhole and you don’t get to see everything else that is going on in their life. This leads to a contest between users who are all trying to outdo each other to have the best content and the best social media life.

Social media certainly has its place in the world, but it is very new and there are problems cropping up everywhere.