The Effectiveness Of The Randox PCR Test In London

If you have ever thought about doing a test for coronavirus , one of the easiest methods is through Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR). Polymerase chain reactions is a way used to diagnose an active coronavirus infection. Because of the ability to easily collect, process and analyse this wide variety of tests available, this has become one of the most popular form of tests available to diagnose coronavirus. The Randox PCR test is available across London and has rapidly been adopted by airports amongst other transport hubs in order to offer passengers and customers fast and accurate coronavirus testing prior to travelling.

How Important Is PCR Testing?

Given the spread of the coronavirus across the globe, testing is undoubtedly one of the most important processes that is currently underway in order to reduce the damage the virus causes as well as slowing down the overall rate of transmission. The Randox PCR tests in London offer rapid and accurate results for those taking the tests to ensure that they are safe enough to continue with their onward journey.

Without the rollout of PCR tests across the UK, we would likely not have seen the extent of tests that we are currently seeing at the moment. In addition to this, travel would likely be far more restricted than it is currently which would pose a range of different major issues.

Because of the various benefits associated with using PCR tests, there are now many laboratories all over the world that offer this type of highly reliable testing.  Another advantage of PCR testing is that it is fast. Results can be gathered within a matter of days. Due to the nature of the testing these tests are more likely to produce accurate results thanks to the thorough processes involved for checking for the covid 19 virus.

What Should You Look For When Sourcing A Test In London?

When you are looking for a test in London, there are a variety of different things which you should try and look out for. One of the main things which you should look out for is price. The test that you undertake should be at an affordable and reasonable price point. From the research we conducted, we found that Randox had some of the most affordable prices for tests at several locations across London. Other important points to look for are:

  • Reputation – Finding a testing company that is reliable and efficient.
  • Location – Using a testing centre at a location which is accessible is a significant benefit.
  • Accuracy – Accurate tests are crucial to facilitate safe onward travel.
  • Professionalism and experience – Using a company that has experienced and professional staff makes the testing process far easier overall.



Fortunately, researchers are continually working on new techniques for increasing the reliability of PCR tests. Randox is by far one of the most reliable and sought after providers of these kinds of tests within the UK. As restrictions continue to be eased across the country, its likely that we will see a surge in the number of PCR tests being taken at transport hubs once again.