Is Technology Impacting Today’s Youth?

Technology now surrounds everyday life. It is everywhere that we look whether we like it or not and it is critical that we do everything we can to stop it taking over the growth routes that youngsters need to take. It has become incredibly common for businesses to exploit the youth of todays familiarity with technology rather than try to help them reign it in. Today’s youth are now so glued to their smartphones that it has reached biblical proportions. People need to stop spending quite as much time with their phones as it is harming their overall learning development and hindering their future employment prospects.

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Employment Opportunities

It is very normal for businesses to underestimate the importance of them not being viewed as a company who exploit the youth’s addiction to technology. People under the age of sixteen years old are now glued to their smartphones every minute of the day. There can be no doubt that the youth of today being familiar with evolving technology is excellent for future technology which is inevitably introduced but there are a number of drawbacks. One of the most obvious differences is that normal communication styles are being impacted as a result of people now being obsessed with their mobile phones.


Communication Differences

School teachers already talk about them noticing a clear difference in the intellect of young students in comparison to those of the same age from a decade ago. People are constantly caught up in needing to keep up to date with what is happening on their smartphones that they stop speaking to people as often as previous generations did. Constant communication is of paramount importance particular amongst young people in order for their brains to progress the way that they should. Consistent communication helps the problem-solving aspect of brains to develop.