A New Day , A New Year – Tech News!

We’re into the new year and there is already piles of news coming through about the latest tech, developments and changes in our sector. In this article we will give you the rundown of some of the latest tech news and what you should be looking out for this year.

CES Expo Tech

The latest CES expo had a bundle of tech developments which we will take a brief look at. Here is  just a taster of some of the amazing technology that was featured at the event in Las vegas. One of the most intriguing pieces of tech that we saw at the event was a pizza making machine/automation system created by picnic . This remarkable bit of tech is aimed at restaurants and diners and it is thought to be able to produce up to 300 pizzas an hour! this could prove to be extremely popular in countries such as the UK where fast food is often in high demand and high staff turnover rates within the fast food industry. Keep your eyes on the space as we are sure that this technology is likely to make significant changes within the industry!

Another piece of tech that we admired at CES was a new electric SUV known as “ocean” which has been unveiled by a company known as Fisker. This SUV is innovative in the sense that it has a solar powered roof which its rumoured to be able to travel 1000 miles with its solar roof fully charged. It is to be released in the US sometime in late 2022. It could prove a major rival to Tesla with a superior range and more affordable price tag. Things appear to be moving swiftly in the EV sector and it will be interesting to see what the coming years bring in terms of automotive innovation.

Changes In Consumerism 

Outside of the popular tech shows there have been more subtle changes within consumerism. One of the biggest and most significant changes that has happened in recent years has occurred in the UK with the implementation of GDPR legislation. This has led to Thousands of large organisations as well as online retailers having to change the way they store peoples data as well as informing them of any data usage changes and ways that they contact them. Failure to comply with General data privacy regulations can lead to prosecution so all businesses have had to adapt to this new law.

One of the organisations that this affected significantly was UK high street retailer John Lewis. John lewis purchased an entirely new customer management system – CMS in order to deal with the new data legislation. Previously details had been held on record that did not conform with the current data protection standards overall. The overall cost for this system ran into tens of millions of pounds and illustrates the effect changes in law and technology had on a firm such as John Lewis.

A different change that has occurred within consumerism is the way people are making purchases. Increasingly people are looking for more and more hassle free ways to buy items online. This has led to increasing numbers of people using services such as google assistant or dash buttons which order items instantly from the touch of a button.

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