How Technology Has Changed Our Society

Impacts On Society

Technology has greatly influenced our lives over the years. It has made it easier to communicate with others and made it easier to travel and build cities. It has also helped in keeping our health. Innovative apps are available that help people monitor their health properties from anywhere.

Technology Dependency

People are increasingly dependent on technology. This is especially true since our world is becoming more digital. People are using technology for routine tasks, learning, business, and comfort. But it can also have negative impacts if people misuse it. It’s important to consider the benefits and drawbacks of technology, and use it responsibly.

Impacts On Business

Technology has changed the way people and companies operate. Some changes have been beneficial to some industries and have negatively affected others. The computer age, for example, has ushered in many changes, some of which have revolutionized the business world. In many cases, the advent of new technologies has shortened business cycles and helped companies meet customer demands and produce quality goods


Technology has also made it easier for businesses to communicate. Before, a business had to rely on a traditional landline telephone to communicate with employees. However, with new communication technologies, business owners and employees can easily share information, collaborate on projects, and communicate with clients and co-workers. In addition, modern businesses are able to use a variety of telecommunications systems to make communication with other stakeholders easier, saving time and money.