Free up space on your Mac with 10 tips

Your hard disk is filled with video, music, podcasts, games, applications and documents. Well, following these ten tips might give you the chance to rescue the valued space

  1. Download AppZapper, go through your Application folder, drag and drop any unused applications to the AppZapper windows to regain the space.
  2. Download Monolingual, these help you to remove unused locale, this can free up to 2GB of space for you easily
  3. Open up iPhone and delete photos that you no longer need. Remember to empty iPhoto own’s trash.
  4. Spend some time and go though your documents, movies, and picture folder, delete any junk that you no longer have any use.
  5. Open up iTunes and delete all the music and podcasts you no longer like or need
  6. Clear old email messages in Apple’s Mail
  7. Go go Library->Caches and delete anything related to the applications have been uninstalled, repeat the same process for the Library-> Preferences
  8. Remove XCode installer from the Installers folder in your Application folder if you have it
  9. Go to Music –> GarageBand and delete any demo songs
  10. Delete the “icons” folder from Libaray –> Safari, this folder store all the icons on the websites, appear next to the web-url. This will also speed up your Safari web browsing

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