Biggest Tech Flops of the Decade


Even some of the worlds biggest tech companies screw up from time to time.

From Amazon to Samsung, these tech giants occasionally get it wrong, and sometimes leave everyone wondering what on earth they were thinking.

The last decade has seen some incredible tech innovation, but there has been equally as many screw ups, and we wanted to showcase our favourites.

Big tech companies, sit up and pay attention so you don’t repeat these technological blunders.

The Amazon Fire Phone

First up is Amazons attempt to make a dent in the highly competitive smartphone market.  It was aimed to cater to the middle segment of the market, coming in at around £400.  However, the design was a bit rubbish and the specs just were impressive next to the big players.  Just a year after launch, amazon pulled the plug, recording losses of $170 million.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

No tech fail list would be complete without the infamous Galaxy Note 7, which besides being an absolute flop, were also very dangerous.  Exploding batteries got these phones banned, quite literally, from a number places, most notably airplanes.

Facebook Portal

Although it is still relatively early doors for Facebook’s smart displays, the first 2 years of trading have seen very low sales.  Facebook has been right in the middle of a number of scandals, like the Cambridge Analytica, Russian troll ads and the events in Myanmar.  It seems that the companies trustworthiness was at an all time low, and not ideally suited to release a product that would be inside people’s homes listening and watching.

Notable Mentions

Other flops we though we should mention included the Microsoft Band, a fitness tracker that didn’t actually fit on anyone’s wrist, The Google Glass which made a major pivot and the Beat Pill XL, which unfortunately caught fire.