The Best Ethical Hacking Tools

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There are a lot of tools available to you when you begin your quest for ethical hacking. These include Hashcat, Cain & Able, and Angry IP scanner. Regardless of your level of expertise, you’ll be able to find a useful tool to help you protect your organization. Here’s a quick run-down of the top tools available to ethical hackers:

Cain & Able

If you’re a network administrator or a security consultant, you can use Cain & Abel ethical hacking tools to recover passwords on Windows systems. It sniffs networks and cracks encrypted passwords. The tool is free and open source and is the official Nmap Security Scanner software. Professional penetration testers can also benefit from using this tool. Although it may not be as powerful as other tools, it is a great starting point for beginners.


HexorBase is a database program that is able to check multiple databases at the same time. It is capable of SQL queries and brute force attacks against mutual databases. The application uses substitutions and pivoting antics to connect to distant, unreachable servers. It can run on Windows, Linux, and Python. It is highly recommended for ethical hackers. To learn more about this ethical hacking tool, read on.

Angry IP scanner

The Angry IP scanner is one of the most useful tools for ethical hackers, network administrators, and other professionals. Besides being easy to use, this program is free for personal use. It can scan networks, assign static IPs to individual machines, and troubleshoot network issues. The program comes with multiple settings to match your needs.


The Invicti family of ethical hacking tools includes the popular Intruder, a highly effective proactive tool that identifies cybersecurity vulnerabilities and prioritizes patches. It is highly intuitive and can scan more than 1,000 web applications in less than 24 hours. Intruder is suitable for organizations of all sizes and works with major cloud providers. The intuitive dashboard makes it easy to find and analyze the security risks of your network.


The Nessus ethical hacking tool is a free open-source software. You can install the tool on your system and run a scan against a database of known vulnerabilities. It also includes options for securing the scanning process. You can use the tool from multiple systems, including Mac and Windows. Getting started with Nessus is as easy as setting up an account. To use the tool, you should follow the instructions provided with the software.

Traceroute NG

If you want to monitor network traffic, you should use tools that can trace and record ICMP packets. Tracert is a Windows and Linux-based command line tool that displays the path a packet travels across the network. It shows the hop points a packet takes and what is blocking the network connection. This tool can help you gather valuable network information and gain access to private networks.


Metasploit is an open source security framework that helps hackers gather critical information and formulate proper exploitation methods. It is a popular hacking tool with a number of excellent learning resources. Another popular open source tool is Nmap, which is available in many Linux distros. This tool is used for network discovery and auditing. It is highly versatile and can be used to find vulnerabilities in websites.